Leadership and Business – Maikano Bolokwe

Co-founder of SEDYEA, performing artist
Maikano Bolokwe, born in Ramotswa in 1983, has spent most of his life trying to develop society through volunteering his time and talents to uplift others.

He has been an active men- tor of the Barwa Kgodumo ya Leselesele performing arts troupe since 1997 and Mama theatre group between 2004 and 2011. He held several positions in the organisations — treasurer, secretary, and rehearsal co-ordinator, to mention a few. In 2015 he also worked as a temporary teacher in primary education.

He joined the Botswana Defence Force as a private in 2007 and in 2009 was promoted to the rank of lance corporal, but resigned in 2011 to further his studies. He holds a diploma in court administration in Botswana from Ba Isago University.

His contribution to social development began in his final year in form five in 2002, when he volunteered with other colleagues to do fundraising activities to help set up a local community centre. They were assisted by Debswana to build a structure in Magope in Ramotswa. This became known as the Shelter for the Hopeful Community. The goal of the centre was to take care of people affected or infected with HIV, including children.

Today the centre is used by the Botswana Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS and a total of 24 people are employed to do family visits, counselling, and where the need arises, refer people to the relevant authorities.

In August 2005, he helped found a youth organisation aimed at equipping the local youth with life skills. The organisation, known as the South East District Youth Empowerment Association (SEDYEA), has close to 2 000 young people registered and taking part in its programmes. It currently employs 16 young people. The organisation covers not only Ramotswa, but has expanded to cover Tlokweng, Taung, Otse and Mogobane as well.

In 2010, Maikano helped the Ramotswa South Village Development Committee and Social and Community Development Office to build a house for a needy family of about 12 people, including extended family, who were sharing just one room. He also helped to organise jobs for the adults in the family.

In February 2012 he started a Scout Revitalisation campaign and worked with the US Peace Corps organisation by starting a scout troupe at Kelemogile CJSS.

The members of the troupe have attended leadership workshops around the country. Maikano is still the district training commissioner for the Boy Scouts in South East District.

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