​Unembargoed: May 18 to 24
In the paper this week: Here's the proof linking Pule Mabe to the R49m tender deal and Zackie Achmat is accused of sexual harassment cover-up at NGO



Government wage deal to go ahead
Despite calls for more consultation an agreement is set to be signed on Monday


New leadership elected for ANC in the Free State
​The ANC in the Free State has elected new leadership following its provincial conference over the weekend

M&G Africa

African nations want to recover stolen assets
In January, Nigeria signed a deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on asset recovery


Why Kenya’s proposal to execute convicted poachers is a bad idea
Kenya has proposed the death penalty for wildlife poachers. Jeremiah Asaka argues why it won't solve the problem of poaching.


South Africa’s reading crisis: Focus on the root cause, not the peripherals
Initiatives to tackle South Africa's reading crisis must take the country's realities into account


Magda Wierzycka takes on JSE over 'dubious' listings
The Cape Town based executive wants the JSE to be held accountable for failing to protect investors’ interests


Why Iran will exit its nuclear deal
The nuclear deal was a political shield for Iran. After the US’s pull-out, pressure for regime change will be back on the table


'Police grabbed the women so the officer could force used condoms into their mouths'
Sex workers tell of being tortured, including being beaten with sjamboks. One in three say police have sexually assaulted them.

Arts & Culture

Dr Philip Tabane passes on, leaving malombo to the next generation
​Dr Philip Nchipi Tabane, the inimitable guitarist, philosopher and conduit of malombo spirits passed away today at a Pretoria hospital


SuperSport to hold talks with Mallett, Botha after Willemse walk-out
The channel is busy with an investigation that led fellow rugby analyst Ashwin Willemse to walk out during a live broadcast

Client Media Releases

NWU Student Campus Council members lead by example
Technical matric opens doors
MTN SA, Huawei jointly launch CloudAIR 2.0
Tips for investing in volatile surroundings
Imperial Logistics expands digitisation drive
Is your rental car watching you?
PSG's FutureLearn acquires Media Works
FTI debuts 'Crafting Effective User Stories'
Transition to budgeting and planning in the cloud