Special Report

50 Batswana Change Makers

Profiling exceptional Batswana under 40


Ndadi is a voice for the voiceless, by using the legal system to challenge the policies and legislation concerning HIV-positive people

Siwawa designs programs aimed to increase the uptake of women's participation in sport at all levels and in all roles and functions.

The anthology was published by New York City publisher, Mantle Books and drew praise from African writers such as Chika Unigwe and Helon Habila.

In this way he nurtured local talent and he has encouraged craft producers such as MmaMantshunyane and MmaDitshotlo to enter crafts competitions.

“Nowadays the people of Machaneng do things for themselves and they don’t just wait for government to do things for them,” says Paul.

“Mine is a story of hope in despair. I want to share this story with Botswana and the world so that we can work together to fight cancer"

“I have been invited by the UN to provide insight on how HIV affects the youth and what can be done to assist young people,” says Koboto.

Molefi Nkwete’s brand started off with him ordering sneakers and jeans from the USA back in the late 90s and selling them from the boot of his car.

As part of her legacy, Mothibi has introduced mentorship, empowerment and exchange programmes for young women.

Dee Zone Productions has changed the country’s television landscape by hosting a variety of new productions on Botswana TV.

Having fought for young people to have a voice, Moepeng would like to urge the youth to put their ideas into action.

Finally, I wanted to test myself. I wanted to see if I could do it. I did not want to wake up at 80 years old, regretting that I never took the risk.