Exposed: The Africans named, and some shamed, in the HSBC Swiss Leaks On 

February 13 2015 we published an article under the headline “Exposed: The Africans named in the HSBC Swiss Leaks”. The article was based on the database recently published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). In the ICIJ database Mr Jean Yves Ollivier was named as one of the African individuals who has been linked to HSBC accounts. M&G wishes to clarify that not all the individuals included in the ICIJ database are accused of wrongdoing and that it is not aware of any allegations that Mr Ollivier has been involved in any financial or other wrongdoing.    

Mr Ollivier, through his attorneys, this week responded to the allegations made by the ICIJ and as published by M&G Africa last week as follows: “I have always been a French citizen and have never been a citizen of South Africa or any other African country as alleged in the article. Therefore the subject matter of the M&G’s article is not applicable to me. In 1994 I became a Swiss resident and I have both resided and conducted business there ever since. As a Swiss resident I was lawfully entitled to open bank accounts in Switzerland. I opened and conducted accounts with a bank in Switzerland which was subsequently taken over by HSBC Private Bank. At that stage I closed all of my accounts.”