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Please take a moment to read through this page if you wish to correspond with us – doing so will reduce the chance that your message will go astray.

Khadija Patel is the editor-in-chief of M&G Africa.

Contact details:

Phone: +27 11 250 7300
General: [email protected]
Editorial: [email protected]


PO Box 91667
Auckland Park
South Africa

Our office is located at:
Grosvenor Corner
195 Jan Smuts Avenue,
Johannesburg, 2193

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Twitter: @M&GAfrica 
Facebook: mgafrica

Writing for M&G Africa

M&G Africa online, like many internet publications, is operating on an extremely slender budget. We have a slim budget for freelance contributions, but you may submit your contribution nonetheless. Solid, well-written articles may be also be published in the Mail & Guardian newspaper - with your permission.

We’re also on the lookout for volunteer writers who have a nose for news and excellent writing skills. Whether it’s a news article you’d like to submit, or an opinion piece, either would be welcome. As long as you note these guidelines:

  • Please don't just write saying you want to write for us. Rather send a 100-word (at most) outline of a proposed article, a 10-line (or shorter) summary of your experience and an example of your previous work (preferably, a hyperlink to the page and publication in which it appears).
  • Articles must be thoroughly fact-checked and have more than one source. If you do submit an article that makes various allegations, you need to be able to substantiate those allegations.
  • Should you want to submit a news analysis or opinion article, the above still applies. The article should also demonstrate that you have thorough knowledge of the subject.
  • For story writing guidelines and a checklist, click here
  • Once you have established yourself as a writer for M&G Africa, payment rates can be discussed. Do bear in mind that you will be paid in South African rands at a standard rate determined by M&G Africa.

PR copy:
M&G Africa does not, under any circumstances, simply reprint press releases, so there's no point sending them to us for that purpose.

They may, however, be useful as background information to individual journalists. But it would be good if you took the trouble of finding out who the relevant journalists are before flooding our mailboxes.

Reprinting or republishing our copy:
Please, before asking us for permission to use our copy, check whether the story in question has something like "Al Jazeera", "Reuters", "News 24", or "The Conversation" at the end of it. If it does, we can't give you the rights. If it is ours, send your syndication requests to to Sewela Mamphiswana.

Articles must be original
We prefer publishing original material. If the material on offer has been published elsewhere, please state that clearly and we will consider publishing it. This applies to both news reports and opinion pieces. We do not publish press releases, advertorials or puff pieces.

If you’d like to place an advertorial in the Mail & Guardian newspaper, contact Adriana Botha on +27 11 250 7300.


Except in rare circumstances, we do not publish articles with the byline of an organisation, or anonymously. We prefer to publish articles with the bylines of the people who wrote them, even if they wrote the article for an organisation.


All material published on Mail & Guardian Africa is our copyright.