TIMELINE: The story of 2,350 years of education in Africa in one infographic

Founded in 1916, Fort Hare produced Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo, and Robert Mugabe among a long list of distinguished alumni.

A ONE-of-a-kind higher education summit is being launched in Dakar, Senegal, starting Tuesday. Organised by TrustAfrica, a pan-African development body as lead, the conference is themed "Revitalising Higher Education for Africa's Future" 

The summit aims to develop a common vision and contribute towards the development of an action plan to transform the African higher education sector in the next 50 years. Often forgotten in the sometimes emotive discussions of the state of African today and the future of the continent's students, is just how long Africa has had formal education institutions - all 2,350 years of it. Here we take a snapshot of that history:


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