TRENDING: #EndFuelQueues - Despite anger at long fuel lines, Nigerians show their sense of humour

Africa's biggest economy is reeling from the slump in global oil prices

NIGERIANS living in major cities breathed a sigh of relief about a week ago after long queues at fuel stations eased up following a protracted fuel scarcity in the country caused by a slump in global oil prices.

But now the dreaded fuel queues are back in Lagos and other major Nigeria cities. 

Frustrated Nigerians have taken to social media to vent their anger using #EndFuelQueues, a hashtag that’s been trending in the country for hours. 

Many pointed out the contradiction that despite its massive oil wealth, years of mismanagement have left state-owned refineries working at a fraction of their capacity.

There are rumours that the renewed queues are as a result of fuel marketers reacting to a report making the rounds that the Federal Government is about to come out with some major policy decisions in the oil sector.

Although there have also been allegations by some social media users that there isn’t enough fuel because the pipelines are repeatedly attacked by vandals - claims which many twitter users vehemently denied. 

But despite all of the frustrations they face, one of the reasons why the hashtag has been trending is also because of the sense of humour of many of the Nigeria users, making it very popular. 

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