TRENDING: #WorthMoreAlive - Kenyans light up social media ahead of historical ivory burn

Conservationists say it will be the largest stockpile ever torched in Africa

ON April 30th Kenya is set to burn almost its entire stockpile of ivory - a total of 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horn - sending out the message that it will never benefit from illegal ivory again. 

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta will light the match in Nairobi National park in the presence of other Heads of State and other dignitaries from all over the world.

In the lead up to this historic event Kenya’s conservation groups and Kenyans alike have set social media on fire with the hashtag #WorthMoreAlive - a strong message that as far as they are concerned ivory has no monetary value and its value can only be when it is on living elephants in natural habitats.

The call demanding a local and global commitment to ending the poaching of rhinos and elephants has been taken up across the world and is sure to keep trending in the lead up to the ivory burn. 

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