TRENDING: #NyerereBridge - Tanzanians on cloud nine as Magufuli opens impressive new bridge

The 680m long bridge is the longest cable stayed bridge in East Africa

TANZANIAN President John Magufuli is opening what many on social media have claimed is “the most magnificent bridge in th [East African] region.”

Formerly dubbed the “Kigamboni Bridge”, as it connects Dar es Salaam’s central business district to Kigamboni across the Kurasini creek, Magufuli has now renamed the bridge the “Nyerere Bridge” paying tribute to Tanzania’s founding president Julius Nyerere. 

A joint venture by the Tanzanian government and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) costing $135million, the 680m long toll bridge is the longest cable stayed bridge in East Africa and Tanzania’s first cross-sea bridge. The bridge have six lanes (three on each direction) and two pedestrians/cyclists lanes with a width of 2.5 meters on each side. 

The impressive structure has drawn wide interest from social media with many expressing their excitement for having such a large, modern structure and the promise of increased links and trading. 

Magufuli has urged citizens to use the bridge to bring about economic expansion, telling business owners to set up shops along the road without breaching into the reserve road and adds that all that use the road will have to pay a pass fee to use the bridge.

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