Mugabe’s destructive ways; the Zimbabwe veteran seems like he’s living on another planet

His incompetence makes a mockery of the seven degrees he holds, including one, unbelievably, in economics

LISTENING to Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe leaves one with a distinct feeling that he is living in his own world: on another planet.

Mugabe thinks he is indispensible. He has now deteriorated in his thought process to an extent where he thinks if he goes, Zimbabwe is doomed. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is sad that he does not even realise that the longer he stays the more the country is doomed. This is not just ridiculous but tragic.

The tragedy of Mugabe’s failure is that he does not realise he has failed in running the country — once the breadbasket of Southern Africa - which he has ruined and turned into a basket-case. The country has no national currency, and is burdened with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world of more than 90%.

Mugabe’s story after independence in 1980 is one of intermittent patches of success, which has since mutated into a debilitating economic crisis that has impoverished a once-promising country.

Mugabe’s narcissistic attitude is such that he always thinks only about himself and sees himself as a victim.

He avoids taking any responsibility whatsoever for the economic and political mess he has caused in the country, blaming everyone else but himself.

He told the party rally at Chipadze Stadium that some of his close lieutenants were working towards his demise, allegedly going to the extent of trying to influence outsiders to push for his ouster.

Mugabe’s narcissism is not difficult to understand. It is the product of a personality cult built around him by his bootlickers, who never dare tell him the truth and have always made him to believe that he is the wisest person in the country and his word is gospel no matter how preposterous.

Mugabe’s incompetence makes a mockery of the seven degrees he holds, including one, unbelievably, in economics.

What is the purpose and value of having all those degrees when the country ends up in this morass where industries are working at 34.3% capacity utilisation and company closures and job losses are the order of the day?

Part of the problem is that he has never worked in a practical environment where he has run any enterprise profitably. Even in his own profession, he never rose from being teacher to a headmaster.

One only has to look at the First Family’s failure to run their Gushungo Dairy as evidence of Mugabe’s lack of business acumen which has also caused the country’s economic ruin. It would be expecting nothing short of a miracle to think Mugabe can run the country’s economy successfully when he cannot even manage a dairy farm.

When all is said and done, Mugabe’s stay in power will continue to spell doom for a country that is already on its knees through his continued mismanagement and ruinous policies.

-First published in our sister publication The Independent.

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