Burundians launch #BringBackOurSoldiers campaign to stop peacekeeping money from 'funding' Nkurunziza

Keeping the peace abroad while the homeland slips into deeper violence. Burundians say it doesn't make sense

BURUNDIANS have a launched a social media campaign dubbed #BringBackOurSoldiers, arguing that while their soldiers are being used as peacekeepers around the continent their country is slipping deeper into violence.

Burundi has been in crisis Pierre Nkurunziza announced his intention to run in elections in July, which he went on to win. Over 400 people have been killed, and over 220,000 fled as refugees to neighbouring countries.

Users have taken to Facebook and Twitter to describe their frustrations at the international community - in particular the African Union and United Nations - who they say are indirectly helping to finance Nkurunziza’s oppressive regime and “killer militia” through payments made to the peacekeeping forces. Burundi has peacekeeping forces in Somalia and the Central African Republic (CAR).

Here are some of the posts. 

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