PHOTOS: African Citizens project takes us on a journey of the continent, off the beaten path

A creative and critical adventure about the continent’s identity and life.

ALL too often the quiet moments of daily life are overlooked in the grander discussions of Africa rising. Here, through images taken by two visual artists in an as they wander the continent city to city, we are able to experience the small moments that make Africa tick. 

The visual project which has taken off on instagram, “African Citizens”, looks at day-to-day activities of locals that the visual artists lived with. It’s all about seeing the smile and tears of the people, what they live for and the hearts of joy in them as they partake their daily life activities. This is made possible through casual conversations, visiting local dens, markets, religious and academic institutions and interacting directly with the locals by use of public transport. 

It presents a creative and critical adventure about the continent’s identity and life surrounding it. It is important to understand the current modern society that is constantly being threatened by various aspects of development. 

Kenyan Joel Lukhovi and Ugandan Sarah Waiswa believe they will be able to establish the similarities that connect us as Africans far outweigh the differences and histories that divide us as a people. 

Here are some of the images taken by them and other Africans keen to report their encounters (All rights served):

Finding Roots of African Fashion; Present & the Past. Buganda and the history of their dressing. Shot at Makerere University Inter cultural competition on the evolution of Baganda fashion wear.

Buying lesos in Kariakoo Market, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A fisherman prepares a meal on his boat docked at the port. Maputo, Mozambique 

Renowned Zambian artist, Tom Phiri, re-wraps his headscarf to protect his locks in the reflection of a public transport van in the city

Mushroom season comes to Zambia. It’s not the vegetables we typically associate with the continent and the variety is enormous! So it was mushroom season in Zambia when we were there. I’ve never seen so many mushrooms in my life, the colors, the variety!! Lusaka, Zambia

Two men pass time playing Mancala or Bawo as it is known by the locals. At one point in Lilongwe, Malawi, the artists came across some men playing a life size version of the game, where they had dug the holes in the ground and were using stones instead. 

Two men sit in the lobby of the Meikles Hotel. Harare, Zimbabwe

The port in Maputo. The building in the background is Predio Trinta e Tres Andares the tallest building in Mozambique. 

Kanyenya, or fried meat is a favorite on these Malawi streets. It can be fried goat, beef, chicken

After days and days of being offline and lying around somewhere in the woods the artists find an internet connection and good coffee from the papaya joint right in the middle of Lilongwe, Malawi

Attending a Kenyan wedding

A man sits outside one of the many entrances of the Lusaka City Market. Lusaka, Zambia

 Another local art dwelling in Nairobi’s east sides, Kenya

A man sells snacks to travellers in the bus on a stop in Arusha, Tanzania. They usually raise up their boxes to the bus windows and let the travellers pick what they want, since the buses only stop for short periods of time

A man walks past a colourful mural in downtown Maputo, Mozambique

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