MAP: What if Africa was made up of brands, not countries, what might they look like?

Redrawing Africa's map by the most dominant, most valuable or most popular in each country. MTN, Safaricom, Dangote, and Marsavco lead the way.

AFRICA is on the radar of global retail brands looking to break new ground, and its potential has been likened to that of China’s in the 1980s, says the latest Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) 2015 recently published by market analysts A.T. Kearney.

Three countries - Botswana, Nigeria, and Angola - are ranked in this year’s GRDI, and three more (Zambia, Namibia, and Ghana) are on the verge of breaking into the top 30 in the near future. It’s the strongest showing by African consumer markets in the report’s history.

The region presents exciting opportunities that are just starting to open up, supported by rising household incomes, fast urbanisation, and a growing middle class (though that has lately come into dispute), the analysts show.

But even as international consumer brands seek to position themselves to reap from the opportunity, African brands long made their mark.

Africa’s most valuable regional brands by region were MTN (Southern Africa), Dangote (West Africa), Safaricom (East Africa) and Marsavco (Central Africa), according to the latest Brand Africa rankings. At over $5.4 billion, MTN is the only African brand valued over a billion dollars.

But what if Africa’s 54 countries were represented by either the most dominant, most valuable, most popular, or beloved brand, what might the countries look like?

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