Blasts from the past - remembering some of Africa's most popular, and controversial, TV ads

A serving of nostalgia and controversy from African consumerism "back in the day"

YOU can often tell the ideals of a nation by the nature of its advertisements. These adverts paint a picture of African consumers from the 1980s until today, what appealed to them and perceptions of how best to sell to them.

Mail & Guardian Africa delved into the past to remember some of Africa’s most popular and controversial TV adverts: 

1-Trust Condom, Kenya 1990s

2—Lux soap, Nigeria

3—Sportsman cigarettes, Kenya, late 1990s 

4—South Africa, Nandos, 2011

5— Knorr Soup, Kenya early 1990s

6—Omo washing detergent, Nigeria 1980s

7—Omo washing detergent II, Kenya (throughout the 1990s)

8—Virgin Nigeria, Nigeria mid-2000s

9—Close-up toothpaste, Nigeria

10—Key Soap, Ghana, mid 1990s

11—Doom bug spray, South Africa, 2000s


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