INFOGRAPHIC: On the brink - M&G Africa's wildlife watch list shows the new circle of death these animals face

Remembering those that may be gone very soon...

IN commemoration of World Wildlife Day marked on March 3, we take a look at eight of Africa’s most vulnerable wildlife groups. 

The threats these animals face are diverse and increasing. Habitat loss is one of the greatest. Usually coming in the form of encroachment, this is mainly due to a rapidly rising human population, deforestation or pollution. 

Other pervasive threats include hunting for domestic consumption or for the burgeoning illegal international wildlife trade. According to the United Nations Congress on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, the proceeds of elephant and rhino poaching in Africa is currently equivalent to as much as $380 million. 

The stark truth is that these animals are on the brink. Without a concerted international and local effort to protect them, they will not be with us for much longer. 

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