Reader's Top 10 picks: What you really liked about Africa this week

The continent rarely makes for a dull place. Do use the little grey arrow at the top right to share or embed a card.

1: MANY Africans want to be rich. What easier way than to pick up oil assets, which unhappy investors are dumping on the cheap after oil prices headed south? You might however need a few million dollars, but it will be a long, long time before prices are where they are now.

You have a ‘once-in-a-generation’ chance to become an African oil mogul: Grab it

2: DID you know that just five years ago, the US imported more via water from Nigeria, than from Russia or Canada? Neither did we…

You know all about China-Africa dealings, but here are 10 astonishing facts about the US-Africa trade

3: WANT to know the state of the Nigerian economy ahead of elections next month? Take a train ride…

The train ride that will help you better gauge Nigeria president Goodluck Jonathan’s hits, and misses

4: AN African country is only termed ‘Free’ if it suits their Western backers. It is not an exact science.

Africa may be rising, but these countries, including many darlings of the West, show why it is not free

5: THERE is more the The Gambia than its eccentric leader. Lot’s more..

As The Gambia marks its 50th birthday, here are 10 really fascinating things you didn’t know about this river nation

6: AFRICA is rising, but in the dark.

Dark times: South Africa, Ghana crises reveal how ‘Africa Rising’ will look like without power

7: SOME advertisements in Africa have to be seen to be believed. Outrageous does not even begin to describe them.

As Pistorius ad gets most complaints ever in Britain, a look at some of Africa’s most controversial adverts

8: ZIMBABWE’S Robert Mugabe knows how to hold a party…

Big bash for Mugabe’s 91st - 2 buffaloes, 2 elephants, 2 sables and 5 impalas to be roasted. He’ll get a lion too

9: SOMETIMES sex and politics make for a combustible mix on the continent

Banning the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie: Why Africa’s big men and others fear sex

10: ALL that glitters is not gold…even in South Africa

As South Africa loses its mining lustre, these countries are waiting to pounce, and some of the region’s biggest players

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