Togo postpones trade fair over Ebola fears; Niger bans plastic bags

Niger imports 150,000 tons of plastic waste every year, and over 36% of animals West Africa die from consuming it.

THE 12th edition of Lome international trade fair, to be held from November 21 to December 8, 2014, has been postponed to an undefined date, because of the spread of the Ebola virus disease in West Africa, according to a governmental statement Wednesday. 

“Given the spread of Ebola virus disease in some of the West African sub-region countries and so as to reduce its transmitting risk for the population, the government has decided to postpone to a later date the holding of the 12th Lome international trade fair,” the statement said. 

“Circumstances and conditions permitting, a date will be set,” said the government, expressing its “regret” to all countries and economic operators who have already registered for the trade fair. 

About 986 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions participated in the 11th edition of the fair held in 2013. 

Niger ban

Meanwhile the Nigerien Parliament Tuesday unanimously adopted a law banning the “production, importation, sale, utilisation and storage of thin plastic bags.” 

The government, which initiated the bill, said plastic wastes constitute “the most serious threat to the environment, human and animal health and global economy.” 

In addition, plastic wastes prevent water from moving to the underground and pollutes farms. When consumed by animals, they cause them digestion problems, leading to their death.  

Members of parliament were informed that 150,000 tons of plastic waste is imported in Niger every year. 

The danger posed by plastic bags is equally of regional concern. Over 36% of animals in the West African Economic and Monetary Union die from consuming plastic waste every year.



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