Your views: a variety of shocking and amusing reactions to the Oscar Pistorius verdict

Mixed reactions from those who have been following the case in and out of South Africa

On Tuesday October 21, Oscar Pistorius was handed a five-year prison sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Judge Thokozile Masipa also gave Pistorius a three-year suspended sentence for a firearms charge. As expected of a widely covered and televised trial, there were mixed reactions from those who have been following the case in and out of South Africa for the last 18 months, especially after it emerged that under South African law, an offender can serve one sixth of the total sentence handed down and then be considered by the prison authorities for “correctional supervision” under house arrest, meaning Pistorius could spend just 10 months behind bars. Thousands poured their thoughts out on Facebook and Twitter on whether the sentence is fair and if justice had been served. 

Was justice served? Facebook comments: 

Lynne Philip: Her parents said they are satisfied that justice has been served, so who are we to say any different?

Margaret Masondo: A big yes for me! If Reeva’s parents say they are satisfied with the sentence, I don’t see any reason to debate this. I’m personally happy about the culpable homicide verdict because I believe he’s innocent. Can we respect Judge Masipa’s decision and concentrate on making sure SA is saved from contracting Ebola?

Hope May: We all know that justice is blind. But if we are talking about the poor door that he emptied the magazine on, then yes, justice was served. Boy did he murder that door with a vengeance, not once, not twice, not even thrice, but bang bang bang bang.

Manelo K. Isaac: Yes justice was served! Salute Judge Masipa for remaining calm against 50 million other judges. Oscar is a good man.

Matthew Green: I don’t think Reeva will be happy!

Thuso Princy Luvha: 15 years imprisonment for killing a rhino and 5 years imprisonment for killing a person. Animals are clearly more important than humans. But that’s none of my business.

Joseph Figueiredo: Can’t Madonsela investigate Masipa on misjudgement? Just saying but then that’s none of my business.

Lynne Philip: Oh boy…here we go with all the armchair lawyers.

Gary Hough: Don’t care, I’m not a lawyer, a judge or a Facebook ‘‘criminal expert’‘.

Siphelo Jeroh Macozoma: Lol, what a joke! I’m interested in the 2nd joke, the Dewani joke. The High Court is a comedy theatre now.

Khulekani Hlela: No, [justice] was not served. 4 bullets? If it was 1 bullet, yes I could understand (warning shot). This means ladies must make sure that their partners are awake if they need to visit the bathroom. When he fired 4 bullets at the intruder, what was he hoping the bullets would do to the intruder? He was supposed to be charged for killing the intruder then.

Mbuyisa BigOos Gomba: Yes. It was. This guy lost everything.

Tabudy ‘a Masogana: Are you saying it’s our fault that he killed someone?

Khulekani Hlela: Lost everything? So that means if you lose everything then you must get a lighter sentence?

Vanita Naidu: No, justice was not served. The perpetrator became the king of sympathy. May the law of karma take over.

Katlego Katt Rammutla: Don’t wanna talk about it! 

Thandeka Smphiwe: No. S.A is dead. People are getting killed like animals and their killers walk away like hunters. What the hell is 5 years?

Prestige Shumba Mhazi: Rest in peace (R.I.P) justice.

Hazel Bell-Gibb: No. He should have got maximum but thanks for setting this precedent.

Max Kazembe: Just 10 months? It’s better to kill than rape.

Nhlanhla Loyalty Mthembu: He’ll be out on parole soon. Remember he cries like a baby, screams like a woman, but shot like a trained soldier.

Awonke Stunna Mpeta: These people who say God will judge are so ignorant to the highest degree. If that’s the case, why don’t we close all prisons in S.A and let God judge?

Thembani T-man: Masipa, you’re robbing us.

Sfiso Myeni: SA justice has spoken! Money talks.

Hilton Greeves: That’s why people take the law into their own hands, it’s the only right way to go.

Seanego Shakes Ceecee: It means a rhino is more valuable than Reeva Steenkamp.

Kamoho Ramontsoe: That is why some people opt for mob-justice. I now understand why they say justice is ‘just-ice’.

Stan Xman Mbokazi: The poor guy in the Dewani case was sentenced to life and denied parole. It’s clear that in this country, celebs are above the law.

Bheki ChristFlame Nhlapo: He went to a powerful Sangoma. This man knows sangomas who can confuse judges.

Frankie Babyee: Goes to show you money can buy you freedom. He should have gotten life in jail.

AdamofAlbion: When I was 5, I told my Mum that “birds” had stolen chocolate cake from the fridge. My excuse was more plausible than Oscar Pistorius’.

Harsh sentence for Oscar Pistorius. He thought he was in danger. She shouldn’t have been playing hide and seek at such a silly hour. 

Reactions on twitter via #ThingsLongerThanOscarsSentence hashtag, trending within hours of the sentencing:

Camilla Long: I feel like I’ve spent longer reading articles about Oscar Pistorius and his trial than the time Oscar Pistorius will actually spend in jail

Rick-Rack Cadillac: The time it’ll take for people on Facebook to find out about this hashtag

MTV Base Africa: Michelle Williams’ verse in [Destiny Child’s Hit] “Survivor”

Tyler Jai Davies: The time it takes me to pick a film on Netflix

ChapstaR: The number of days this hashtag will continue

John Saunders: The pause when announcing who’s leaving X-Factor

Charlieztwittxr: The adverts you get on CapitalFM

Prowse_z: 12 year olds’ relationships

Phill Morley?: The end credits from the last Lord of the Rings film

Alex Sortini: Kim Kardashian’s first marriage

Nomvuyo Mboyi: The intro of Nigerian movies

Ecstasyluke: Jacob Zuma’s answers on Nkandla

Divesen Pillay: The gap between Zuma’s words when giving a speech

BennyAntics: Nelson Mandela’s sentence

Nombi: Zuma figuring out what BODMAS stands for

Grandt: The sentence you’ll get for growing marijuana in your backyard as opposed to killing someone

Tebogo Sencho: Nine months of pregnancy

Ma3Route: The traffic jam on Uhuru Highway this evening

Joe Crann: Kaizer Chiefs’ winning streak

Sandisiwe Mtolo: Sitting in a restaurant waiting for the waiter to bring your food

St. Kenny III: Your dad’s constant reminders that this is his house

Hintsa-Maqoma: Your mother’s lectures on how she brought you into the world and can take you out of it

Man O’ Colour: The tongue lashing from madam after forgetting her birthday

Tyrone PT: A black man’s appearance in a horror movie

MTV ZA: Musician Sisqo’s career

Footy Humour: Arsenal’s injury list

The Betting Bar?: The line to see the physio at Arsenal’s training ground

The Cunning Linguist: Fergie time and Luis Suarez’s ban from football

LucasPorterRobinson: The time it takes for Kanye West to do something stupid

Noluthando: ?Taylor Swifts speech before Kanye interrupted her

Curtis Siya Nzuza: Chris Brown’s role in Stomp The Yard

Holly Brockwell: Bruno Mars’ [height]

Ddavid K: Amber Rose’s ponytail

Chanelle?: Bruce Jenner’s ponytail

Takashi: A BlackBerry’s battery life


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