Oops, they did it again! Awkward African presidents in pictures

Cutting Africa's "big men" down to size, and lifting the fallen ones.

AS a continent that is frequently portrayed for its struggles - with poverty, disease and war - and not enough of the triumphs, it is good to infuse some humour into weighty matters. Thankfully, African presidents are always obliging to help, reminding us that even though they are the “big men” of Africa, they are still human. 

Here are some of the most awkward and amusing snaps of a few of Africa’s presidents:

ROBERT MUGABE, Zimbabwe: That awkward moment when you’ve fought hard to stay awake in an important meeting, but sleep wins.

JACOB ZUMA, South Africa: That awkward moment you’re making an important point but somehow manage to insult the entire room. 

YOWERI MUSEVENI, Uganda: That time you tried to play football with some new friends and failed. 

OMAR al BASHIR, Sudan: That awkward moment when everyone is posing for an important photograph, but you get distracted by your foot 

YAHYA JAMMEH, The Gambia: That time you needed to use your hand and realised that it was time to slow down on the accessories. 

JAKAYA KIKWETE, Tanzania: That awkward moment you asked Jacob Zuma to dance and realised you could never keep up. 

IDRISS DEBY, Chad: That awkward official moment you’re left hanging 

UHURU KENYATTA, Kenya: That official photo opportunity when you forgot to remove the endangered animal skin from the wall behind.

MACKY SALL, Senegal: That time you were trying to be cool with your headphones and failed.

GOODLUCK JONATHAN, Nigeria: That awkward moment you forgot that a “thumbs up” was not cool anymore. 



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