Why do Chinese men come to Africa without their women? - with a light touch

Neither millions of dollars or witchdoctors could deliver for Africa World Cup victory in Brazil. These are ill omens.

THE AFRICAN Union, like its predecessor the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), has long been accused of being out of touch with the pulse of the African people and instead become a lobby for the Big Men and Women in power on this beloved continent.

For example, at their latest meeting in Addis the AU once again waxed lyrical about the International Criminal Court (ICC) overzealous pursuits of seating or former African heads of state.  Surely the AU has made its point, which has been heard and ignored for the umpteenth time by the ICC and, more importantly, by the African people. So to help the AU focus on the things that really matter to the African people, here are three issues that are bothering them and need to find their way on the next meeting of Africa’s presidents.

•Ending Africa’s World Cup misery

At the recent World Cup in Brazil our teams failed to produce the desired results, this despite them having more witchdoctors than the other teams combined.

The Ghanaians even flew out a princely sum of US$ 3 million in cash in a private jet to motivate the players but this appeared to only have boosted the local shopping malls. It must horrify us that money was not enough incentive for the Nigerians and Ghanaians to do well in Brazil, because what else is left especially if we remember that a past military dictator in Cote d’Ivoire (and before him DRC’s venal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko) threatened his country’s team, but even fear wasn’t enough to get them to perform?

It is in the interest of the AU to find a solution to getting African team to win World Cups, because then the people will happily allow them to rule forever without the risk of being lynched as they did with Muammar Gaddafi.

•Bring back good old Congolese music

Many African people are mourning the death of Congolese music, with its wonderful cast of musicians or bands with names like Madilu System. Given that the Democratic Republic of Congo’s vast mineral riches  are be enjoyed by filthy and crooked operatives from outside the continent and their buddies in Kinshasa, Africans always took solace that the music produced from that land always consoled our woe and reminded us of the beauty and vibrancy of being  African. With the slow death of Congolese music Africans are wondering what good DRC is.

We might have a white elephant nation right in the middle of the continent. A real sore thumb, a painful reminder (if any was needed) of the ills bedeviling our land. This loss would have been somehow palatable had it not been that the Nigerian musicians appear to be taking up this mantle. Watching Nollywood movies was already enough punishment. Having to be force-fed their music is too much to bear for a downtrodden people. The AU must act and act fast.

•Chinese Men and No Chinese Ladies

The proliferation of the Chinese on the continent is already well established and documented…there are over two million of them in Angola alone.

Our big worry as African people is the absence of Chinese ladies accompanying these men into our land (and hearts). The Chinese taught us that for every debit there must be an equal and corresponding credit.  We fail to see credits of their equation.  They have sent us their men without their women. Therefore soon we will have Chinese men siring children all over the continent with African women.

 Being of strong genes we are neither opposed nor threatened by this. Our fears are that this is slowly negating the gains of our vision.  We had not quite finished our integration process as Africans.  We have not had enough East-West-South African marriages, we are yet to see the trans-Saharan trade being rebirthed with our North African lads marrying the beauties south of the desert (and vice versa).

 Yet now the Chinese are coming in to rain on our parade. It’s time the African Union stamped this out and passed measures to ensure that these Chinese visitors to our continent come with an equal number of women, otherwise we ran the unplanned risk of raising the demographic of Chinese Africans. 

So please AU big wigs; we are tired of your ICC whining. Here is some real work for you to do.

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