Beninois judges strike to be allowed to strike

Jurists take umbrage at proposed law that would force them to stay in the courts.

SEVERAL Beninois judges, supported by hundreds of trade unionists and civil society actors, Thursday renewed their protest in front of the country’s parliament.

They are demanding the suspension of a law barring them from going on strike.

As with their first protest last Thursday, the protesters did not manage to meet the Speaker of Parliament, Mathurin Nago, to give him their memorandum.

Earlier this week Nago said he had instructed officials in his office to meet and discuss with the picketers.

The protesters, angered by the attitude of parliamentary authorities, promised to return to parliament on a later date.

On Wednesday, the country’s Supreme Court judges termed the proposed law  “a disgrace to Beninnois democracy.” It can be expected that anyone going to a Benin court today to secure the right to strike, will find a lot of sympathetic ears on the bench.

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